The Importance of Having a Quality Control Department

The Importance of Having a Quality Control Department

One of the products of Gentec Manufacturing, Inc. is an optical comparator from the brand, Micro-Vu. With its simple and elegant design, the company can provide more efficient services to customers in the manufacturing industry. Among the things that the device could do is go beyond tiny dimensions of an object and look closely at the small components and ensure that the machines are functioning accordingly. Since it aims to be a leader in offering high-quality services, the addition of the particular product to its line-up is beneficial for the entire business.

What Is an Optical Comparator?

An optical comparator is a machine with fixed, immovable positions and is based on the principles of optics for the inspection of manufactured materials. It works by projecting a magnified silhouette upon a screen, then, by measuring the different elements of that projected part. A common way of determining the measurements is by superimposing graduations.

Optics + Measurement Combined

Behind the idea of an optimal comparator, or the idea of combining optics and measurement, is a routine maintenance procedure; the objective for the process was to figure out which parts of equipment are in need of restoration. Since it was rather difficult to examine and measure machines whose components are nearly impossible to reach, the device was created to generate accurate results. Alongside, the concept showed evidence in fields such as microscopy and telescopy.

Discussions on the Use of an Optical Comparator

The use of a top-grade optical comparator, although there are other modern tools nowadays (e.g. high-speed machines with good optics, automated measurement calculators), is preferred by many inspectors. When it comes to magnifying objects, defining clear parameters, highlighting (corrected versions) of a system’s structure and providing accurate measurements, they do not disappoint. Aside from going by industry standards, they are the ideal tools for customers who are interested in nothing but defining the components of their selected machines.

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