Solar Energy Can Now be more efficiently Stored: A Potential Solution to Electricity Shortage and Power Outages

Solar Energy Can Now be more efficiently Stored: A Potential Solution to Electricity Shortage and Power Outages

The national electric gird infrastructure has aged with time. Although President Trump has prioritized rebuilding the national grid, funds are still a problem. The costs associated with generating electricity on sites have always been too much. Plus, additional expenses incur when electric wires are set up over long distances or repaired.  The power lost during this transmission is another problem.  What is the result? Electricity prices are rising yearly at an extremely rapid pace.

David Meadows, the CEO of Advanced Design LLC, has come up with another interesting development that may be a solution to all these power problems. Focusing on using green methodologies, and reducing carbon footprint, Meadows has designed a storage system for solar energy, which is taken from the sun, and then stored in a thermal tank, made from Heat Crete.

System Function

The solar energy tank stores heat at temperatures ranging from 800 to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit, providing enough energy to convert water into steam. The produced steam is inputted to a turbine, which produces electricity in turn. The total electricity generated is sufficient to solely power buildings, without relying on any other energy source.

In some cases, the electricity produced may be in such great quantities that it powers other surrounding buildings as well. If required, it can serve as a distributed energy source to the national grid during power outages.

Also the hot water produced by the system can be used for other manufacturing, sanitary and other purposes by on-site employees.

Heat Crete

The tank, which stores solar energy, is made from Heat Crete, a new and promising insulation material, capable of maintaining temperatures as much as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.  The material reduces installation times by around two thirds, and is protected by an additional UV coating that allows it to be used outside without any environmental concerns.

Generally, the material is available in the form of several panels that are kept in UV protected bags when energy has to be stored.  Each of these panels can be laid flat down, and interlocked, making them less susceptible to damage.

Heat Crete is becoming a preferable material in the storage industry, simply because of massive energy savings and environmental friendly features. Plus, it is fabricated such that the resultant tank construction is quite easy, and does not limit the system in any way.

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