How the body changes post pregnancy

How the body changes post pregnancy

Pregnancy, while a beautiful phenomenon, can take a massive toll on the body. Besides the obvious weight-gain, rapid loss post-surgery as well as the sagging skin, you need to contend with sagging breasts as well. Carrying a baby to full term can also result in stretch marks or pigmentation on the skin of your face. All of the above can also occur at the same time. The following are common changes you can expect along with the procedures that can correct them post-pregnancy:

Drooping breasts

Some women may get sagging or droopy breasts post pregnancy or they might appear out of shape. This usually happens because the body reacts to the changes in breast tissue as milk is produced. Nursing the baby can also stretch out the skin on the breast and make it appear flatter than it should be.

A breast surgery is usually enough to correct those shapes. The type you opt for will depend on your requirements and how much your body can handle post-pregnancy. You can go for breast augmentation which increases volume through implants or fat or you can go for a breast lift which is the removal of excess fat from the breasts to reshape them.

The protruding belly

After giving birth, the infamous belly pooch is something that cannot be avoided. It will probably not disappear completely even after diet and exercise and this includes the stretch marks that come with it. This happens because the abdominal muscle layers loosen up to accommodate the growing foetus.

A tummy tuck can remove excess skin and tighten those muscles besides eliminating excess fat and skin post-pregnancy. It can also be used to treat distortions in the stomach and belly button which can happen during a pregnancy.

Stretch marks

These marks are inevitable post birth but the severity can vary from one person to the next. It comes inevitably as the body expands to accommodate the foetus. These are also known as striae and the marks are the result of the skin injuring itself as it expands rapidly.

Laser therapy can reduce those marks and make them almost unnoticeable depending on how severe they are. If they are treated early they have high chances of disappearing almost completely. This procedure uses pulsed light to resurface the skin and make it appear smoother.

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